Libro ebook Attachment and Personality in Clinical Settings, Adriana Lis, VV.AA.
Subtitle Assessment and Treatment Issues
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Synopsis of Attachment and Personality in Clinical Settings

In this volume, Lis, Mazzeschi, Salcuni, and Di Riso enhance our ability to understand our clients by elucidating attachment theory and its relationship to psychopathology and the major personality assessment instruments in current use… The book begins with a concise and readable synopsis of Bowlby s attachment theory and a summary of the research relating attachment status to psychopathology… Next, Lis and colleagues examine the two major methods of assessing attachment status, the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI) and the Adult Attachment Projective (AAP)… Then, the authors review the two most widely used personality assessment instruments the MMPI/MMPI-2 and the Rorschach inkblots (as scored and interpreted by Exner s Comprehensive System) and discuss how these tests relate to the concepts of attachment… The latter third of the book consists of fi ve case studies in which the authors illuminate the lives of clients from different clinical settings… This book is a gift, and Lis, Mazzeschi, Salcuni, and Di Riso have had courage to tackle a daunting task not yet attempted by others. I appreciate their efforts and am sure you will too. (From the Foreword by Stephen Finn, PhD.)

Table of Contents of Attachment and Personality in Clinical Settings

Foreword Introduction PART 1: Attatchment, personality and psychopathology 1.-The Attachment theory: the theoretical background 2.-Attachment, psychopathology and psychotherapy outcome PART 2: Attachment measured by personality assessment instruments 3.-AAI: The Adult Attachment interview 4.-AAP: Adult Attachment projective picture system 5.-Attachment and Rorschach 6.-Attachment and MMPI-2 PART 3: Clinical applications 7.-Personality Assessment: the case of Emily 6.-A case in collaborative assessment 9.-Therapeutic changes: the case of Matilde 10.-Legal applications: the assessment of future parents at the beginning of the adoptive path Conclusions References

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