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Synopsis of McGraw-Hill's LSAT, 2010 Edition

Harvard Law School s top-scoring studentsshow you how to get an Ivy League score on the LSAT

This popular guide by recognized experts is the onemore students trust! The authors are Harvard LawSchool students who tutor LSAT-takers nationwide, andthey ve packed this new edition with their most effectivestudy tips, test-taking secrets, and LSAT samples.McGraw-Hill s LSAT has been thoroughly revised andupdated, including expanded coverage of logic topics--essential information for LSAT takers.


Table of Contents of McGraw-Hill's LSAT, 2010 Edition

McGraw-Hill's LSAT, 2010 Edition
Part II - Getting Started
1. Introduction to the LSAT
LSAT Basics
What's on the LSAT
LSAT Scores
LSAT Question Types
General Strategies
How to Use this Book
The Curvebreakers Method
Curvebreakers Recommendations
Law School Admission
2. Diagnostic Test
Answer Sheet
Answer Key
Calculating Your Score
Answers and Explanations
Your LSAT Study Plan
Part II - Solution Strategies for Every LSAT Question Type
3. Logic Games
Logic Games: Five General Strategies
Logic Basics
Formal Logic Games
Sequencing Games
Linear Games
Complex Linear Games
Grouping Games
Mapping Games
Minimized Variables
Maximized Variables
Games with Rounds
4. Logical Reasoning
Logical Reasoning Question Types
Conclusion Questions
"Resolve" Questions
"Strengthen" Questions
"Weaken" Questions
Reasoning Strategy Questions
Analogous Reasoning Questions
Controversy Questions
5. Reading Comprehension
The Technique of "Scholarly" Reading
Main Point Questions
Author's Character's Opinion Questions
Claims Questions
Syntax Questions
Inference Questions
Support/Undermine Questions
6. The LSAT Writing Sample
Sample Topic
Sample Essay
Part III - Four Practice Tests
Pratice Test 1
Practice Test 2
Practice Test 3
Practice Test 4
Some Final Advice for Test-Takers
Appendix - Surviving You First Year in Law School


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