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Libro ebook Practice Makes Perfect Physics, Wells Connie J
Author: Wells Connie J
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Digital
Language: English
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Publishing year: 2011
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Synopsis of Practice Makes Perfect Physics

Practice Makes Perfect: Physics is a comprehensive guide and workbook that covers all the basics of physics that you need to understand this subject. Each chapter focuses on one major topic, with thorough explanations and many illustrative examples, so you can learn at your own pace and really absorb the information. You get to apply your knowledge and practice what you've learned through a variety of exercises, with an answer key for instant feedback. Offering a winning formula for getting a handle on science right away, Practice Makes Perfect: Physics is your ultimate resource for building a solid understanding of physics fundamentals.

Table of Contents of Practice Makes Perfect Physics

Introduction1 A Mathematical Background2 Kinematics and Motion in One Dimension3 Two Dimensional Motion4 Forces and Newton s Laws of Motion5 Work and Energy Conservation6 Linear Momentum7 Gravity and Circular Motion8 Rotational Motion and Torque9 Thermodynamics10 Fluids11 Oscillations, Waves, and Sound12 Electricity13 Magnetism14 Electromagnetic Radiation and OpticsAnswer KeyAppendix: Useful Information

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