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Libro ebook The Church in Mission, Bertil Ekström, (Ed)
Subtitle Foundations and Global Case Studies
Collection: Teaching on Mission
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Synopsis of The Church in Mission

What does it mean today to be a church totally committed to the gospel and fully engaged in God s mission? What major religious and sociological trends in our world are affecting the role of the global church and local churches? How must we understand and be prepared to face these trends? How do we define church in the twenty-first century, being faithful to the Scriptures and at the same time relevant to a generation that does not believe in the institutional church anymore? What are some good models of missional churches in different regions of the world that will encourage and inspire those who long to see a church making difference in society and in the world? These are some of the issues that the book you are holding in your hands addresses.

About Bertil Ekström, (Ed), author of The Church in Mission

Bertil Ekström (MTh, PhD) was born in Sweden and grew up in Brazil. Married to Alzira, the couple has four children and four grandchildren. An ordained Baptist pastor, Bertil has been involved in the mission movements of Brazil and Latin America for many years. Currently he is the director of the Mission Institute in Örebro, Sweden, and the executive director of the WEA Mission Commissions.

Table of Contents of The Church in Mission

Foreword, William D. Taylor Introduction, Bertil Ekström Part One: Biblical and Theological Foundations: Gospel, Church, and Mission Chapter 1: The Good Life? Reflections on the Highest Goals of Human Life, Richard Tiplady Chapter 2: Why God Is Calling Out a People, Tom Hayes Chapter 3: The Gospel in the Gospels Andrew B. Spurgeon Chapter 4: New Testament Metaphors of the Church,Eileen Poh Chapter 5: The Essence of the Church: The One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church in God s Purposes, Paul Coulter Chapter 6: The Church as God s Agent: A Study in Reflecting the Trinity, Peter Rowan Chapter 7: The Church and Mission in the New Testament, Paul Joshua Bhakiaraj Chapter 8: The Pilgrim Church, David D. Ruiz M. Chapter 9: God s Mission and the Church s Mission, Hannes Wiher Chapter 10: Paul s Ecclesial Missiology, Bertil Ekström Chapter 11: The Future Shapes the Present: Eschatology as Motivation for Mission, Rose Dowsett Part Two: Contemporary Missiological Issues Chapter 12: Mission and Ecclesiology Why?, Birger Nygaard Chapter 13: A Truly Missional Church: From Church-Centered Mission to Kingdom-Centered Mission, Warren Beattie Chapter 14: The Mission-Shaped Church in Global South Perspective: Trends and Challenges, Bertil Ekström Chapter 15: The Church as a Transforming Community, Richard Tiplady Chapter 16: The Missional Disciple, David D. Ruiz M. and Rita Rimkiene Chapter 17: Church and Agency Relationship, Tom Hayes and Decio de Carvalho Chapter 18: Movements of the Spirit: Church Planting and the Church in Mission, Jim Memory Chapter 19: Indigenous Churches: Ethnic and Multicultural, Samuel Cueva Chapter 20: African Monism versus Western Dualism: How the Church Responds to Local Realities, Moss Ntlha Chapter 21: Gospel and Church in China, Anonymous Chapter 22: Effective Partnership: One Successful Venture, Tom Sanchez Part Three: Church in Mission: Case Studies Chapter 23: Globalized Christian Youth Movements, Adriaan Adams Chapter 24: Meeting a Polish Roman Catholic, Rita Rimkiene Chapter 25: The Dock Church in Belfast, Paul Coulter Chapter 26: Impacting our World with Hope: New Life Church in Stockholm, John van Dinther Chapter 27: Ethiopian Diaspora Mission, Wondimu Mathewos Game Chapter 28: Japanese Churches Respond to the Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster, Kenichi Shinagawa Chapter 29: An Urban Church in São Paulo, Brazil, Edeval Campos Jr. Chapter 30: Remember When, Bruce Huseby Chapter 31: Three Stories from Southern Africa, Willie Crew and John Scholtz Chapter 32: Church-Based Training Paul Ng Chapter 33: Unreached People Partnership in Central Asia, A Christian Brother Postscript, Bertil Ekström Appendix: List of WEA Mission Commission Books Index

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