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Casta Ibérica Magazine #3
Hermanos Cózar
El número 3 de la revista cultural especializada en el gallo combatiente español.
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From 3.47
Confederal Europe
David John Lee, Dr. Paul Mills, Dr. Michael Schluter
Europe stands at a turning point. The long trek towards political unification has been championed by the large numbers of, usually, wealthier Europeans who have gained most by globalism and the...
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From 6.5
Political Wisdom
Rob Nijhoff
Does faith belong in politics? According to Rob Nijhof it most certainly does. Everyone has some deep convictions that shape the way in which one conducts politics. People can be inspired to...
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From 6.5
A Community of Peoples
Sander Luitwieler
Europe stands at a crossroads. Various crises have put the debate on the future direction of the European Union to the forefront. Participants to this debate are inclined to take an extreme position:...
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From 13.01
Economics of the Family
Lubomír Mlcoch
The family is the Achilles heel of the Western world. Economic man has succumbed to the temptation to seek paradise on Earth. The family has become the victim, as the market has disintegrated family...
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From 6.5
Journal of creative industries and cultural studies
Paulo Faustino, Terry Flew
The Journal of Creative Industries and Cultural Studies JOCIS, a scientific international publication, aims to stimulate the production, sharing, dissemination and transference of knowledge about...
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From 10.41
Learning To Be American
Rubén Peinado Abarrio
Few contemporary novelists have dissected American culture in as great detail as Richard Ford has in his Frank Bascome trilogy. These three works form a triptych on the idiosyncrasies of US society...
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From 6.45
Beyond the Walls
Laura López Peña
"This volume analyzes the political project manifested in this narrative poem by Melville Clarel: A Poem and Pilgrimage in the Holy Land , published in 1876.Este volumen analiza el proyecto político...
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From 6.66
Europe and the Gospel
Evert van de Poll
My purpose is to give a bird s eye view of Europe as a whole, so my position is that of a generalist. Everybody in Europe is inclined to look at the continent from the biased position of his or her...
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From 13.84
The Paradox of Freedom
J. Fountain (editor), and others, Dr Jonathan Chaplin, Msgr Ad van Luyn, Prabhu Guptara, Wim Rietkerk, Vishal Mangawadi, Julian Lindley-French, Mink de Vries, Gerard Kelly, Bert de Ruiter
The report of the 2016 State of Europe Forum held in the Zuiderkerk, Amsterdam, May 8&9
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From 11.27
Trends, Mobility and Impact of Organizational and Financial Networks on Media Markets
Zvezdan Vukanovic, Angela Powers, George Tsourvakas
is monograph covers and contextualizes many of the current intricately intertwined debates concerning relevant issues on how media companies are embracing the revenue and nancing models, as well as...
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From 26.03
Consuption and brandig value networks in new media market
Steve Wildman, Zvezdan Vukanovic, Jean Baptist Lesourd
Written by leading international scholars, the book addresses the increasingly global, networked, and unpredictable nature of the media industry as well as the growing complexities of media work. In...
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From 26.03
Concentration. Diversity of voices and competition in the media market
Paulo Faustino, Steve Wildman, Patrick-Yves Badillo, Carol Y. Ting, Mike Friedrichsen, Eric Karstens
The book Concentration, Diversity of Voices and Competition in Media Market addresses one of the most important issues in democratic societies: knowledgeable citizens with access to diverse opinions...
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From 13.88
Redefining Disruptive Innovation and Added Value Networks in Media Business and Policy
Paulo Faustino, Zvezdan Vukanovic, Angela Powers, George Tsourvakas
is volume features contributions from WMEMC 2012, an international media conference held in essaloniki, Greece. It examines in both descriptive and analytical ways, how new media market consumption...
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From 26.03
Woman, power and money
Alicia E. Kaufmann
Why do women still earn less? What keeps them from achieving success, negotiating a good salary or, simply, assuming authority? Alicia E. Kaufmann, Professor of Sociology and renowned expert in...
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From 5.21
House of Squatters
Jeff Fountain
THESE ESSAYS, TALKS AND ARTICLES reflect the author s engagement with politicians, academics, theologians, educationalists, students, church leaders and mission strategists in a variety of contexts,...
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From 9.98
Fear Not!
Evert van de Poll, Jeff Fountain, Tomas Halik, and others, Andjey Zubov, Tunne Kelam, Prabhu Guptara

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From 9.98
Life Satisfaction, Empowerment and Human Development among Women in Sex Work in the Red Light Area of Pune (Maharashtra, India)
Anna Rodríguez Casadevall
Saheli HIV/AIDS Karyakarta Sangh es un colectivo de trabajadoras sexuales y una organización basada en la comunidad fundada en 1998 en Pune (Maharashtra, India), cuya misión es empoderar a mujeres de...
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From 4.85
Sustainable Development goals post 2015
Simone Lucatello, Robert Zuber
This e-book explores the connections and interplay between development and security in the post-2015 scenario. Around the world, illicit and trafficked weapons are jeopardizing community and national...
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From 5.43
New Insights into Gendered Discursive Practices: Language, Gender and Identity Construction
Antonio Sánchez Macarro, Ana Belén Cabrejas Peñuelas
Con un discurso y un enfoque feminista orientado hacia las culturas mediáticas post-feministas, este volumen proporciona un conocimiento vanguardista de los métodos de análisis del discurso y cómo se...
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From 6.45
Appraising Digital Storytelling across Educational Contexts
C. Gregori Signes, A. M. Brígido Corachán, eds.
Este volumen reúne una selección de artículos que exploran el relato digital en diversos campos y niveles educativos. Al mismo tiempo que se presentan experiencias creativas y se ofrecen consejos...
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From 6.06
Why Vote Conservative 2015
Nick Herbert

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From 6.57
Road To Referendum
Iain Macwhirter

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From 5.63
Melanie Phillips

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From 4.69
Au Contraire!
Gilles Asselin

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From 19.08
Cultural Intelligence
Brooks Peterson

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From 15.61
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